Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Easy Crafts

The past year has done a lot to change people's perceptions of me.  Suddenly, people who have recently met me think I'm very creative, even "crafty" (and all those who've known me longer than a year are laughing at this, because up 'til now I've only been creative through my singing, definitely not through my handiwork).

Anyway, Create am Main's first Kreativtag went very well, and I had the privilege of preparing and leading the children's corner.  I found these crafts via pinterest/internet, so I'll just briefly describe the project and put the link to the source.

Yarn-wrapped letters - easy to make (mostly - "B" is not easy! "I" is:)) Simply cut out letter/number/shape and wrap with yarn.  You can use glue to help you on the tricky parts (i.e. corners, rounded sides).  http://www.delicateconstruction.com/

Scrap fabric letters - a great way to use very small fabric scraps.  Sissy and I made her party invitations with this technique, which was awesome, since she could actually do it!  Simply choose a motive (letter, number, shape) and glue fabric scraps onto it.  It's amazing to see the differences each person comes up with (lots of fabric, small scraps, particular shapes, colors, etc.)

Do you have a super-easy kids' craft activity to recommend? (I'm always on the look out for new, easy projects.)

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