Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rita Storee - Story time!

Yeah! It's Rita Storee time again!
This Thursday we are looking forward to hearing Rita Storee share some of her favorite stories with us.  It's an afternoon activity that Monkey, Sissy and I really enjoy (and Bubba plays with a friend, so that works out well for all of us).

What I love about this story time is the amazing reading: Rita is actually an actress who bring other actor-friends to read with her (all members of Frankfurt's Theater Language Studio).  Their reading is no boring reading - it's captivating!

He looked like this the whole time!
A very tense part of "The Cat in the Hat"

This week Rita is sharing stories with us about "spring and bunnies and bunnies that spring!"  Sounds like fun!
If you live in/near Frankfurt, stop by the Bornheim Saalbau at 4pm. Admission is 3€/child (adults free)

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