Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Create! am Main

Kreativmarkt, October 22, 2011
Germany is also experiencing the trend to return to hand-made and local-made items.  In Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and other German cities, many hand-made markets, creative days and other such events are frequently offered.  And Frankfurt is also coming along in this area, with more and more people being interested in participating as vendors or buyers in local, handmade markets.

Well, this third major development from my new-found interest in sewing started out as a whim in August 2011and in October 2011, Create am Main organized a creative market in the Sachsenhausen neighborhood of Frankfurt.  We had several hundred people who stopped by (!!!!), many of whom signed up for our mailing list. 

What is Create! am Main?  Well, for me (one of the organizers), it's an opportunity to share - my products, my new-found interest in creating with my hands, and myself with others here in Frankfurt.  It's a chance to take the anonymity out of this city; to put a face to the maker of something; to meet new people; to exchange ideas and hopes.  I'm excited and interested to see how this further develops: more markets, new creative-community ideas that we can share with Frankfurt, a city that is known for it's knowledge of business rather than of the arts and people (although, I do need to put forth a plug for our opera - its chorus has been ranked as one of Europe's top choruses several years by Opera Magazine. Go Frankfurt!)

I guess I'm realizing, like Tim Keller has demonstrated in New York City, that Christians are to be a blessing for cities.  We're to love and seek to do what we can to benefit our city.  And I see here another small (or big?) way in which I can join in, in benefiting my city.

Currently, Create! am Main is organizing on March 3, 2012  a Kreativtag - a creative day for people who are creative or who want to be....we're encouraging anyone who'd like to join us, to come with their sewing machine, knitting needles or simply themselves and join us for a day of learning and sharing an interest in "handarbeit". (more info, even in English!, at our website).

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  1. Redone on March 1 with our new name: Create! am Main:)