Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A few of my favorite things (restaurants)

I recently made a new friend, Sara, who moved to Frankfurt a few months ago.  It's been so good for me to speak with her and remember the many small details that made adjustment to Frankfurt a challenge: locating services in English (piano tuner, hair dresser, etc.), understanding the water/electric/gas system (although, I still don't understand them...I just let Igor handle that - terrible! but it works for me), learning about the recreation options and restaurants in the area.

One simple "allgemein" tip: in most cities, the cafés and restaurants in museums are very good (if a bit expensive): in Frankfurt, we've enjoyed Holbein's(Städel Museum) and Restaurant Emma Metzler(in the park of the Museum for Angewandet Kunst) are two good examples of this tip being true.

The following restaurants are all located in Frankfurt; I've listed the neighborhood (Stadtteil) in parenthesis.

Der Lahme Esel (Niederursel) - Frankfurt Specialities

Pizzeria Cimino da Rosa (Heddernheim) - Stone oven pizza (Igor's favorite pizzeria)

Malepartus (Bornheim)- Local, seasonal food

Wagner's (Sachsenhausen) - one of the most popular Apple wine restaurants

Pasta Davini (Center City) - good Italian food; Igor recommends the starter platters (imported cheese and meats from Italy) and their handmade pasta dishes

Ortlieb's Scheune (Eschersheim) - classical German "dinner" food (not just plain old food) and very good wines

Spice (Bahnhof) - good Indian food (Igor and I used to meet here often for lunch...before children).

Ban Thai (Bockenheim) - one of our favorite Thai restaurants

There are so many more wonderful restaurants in Frankfurt and this short list reminds me of one of the many advantages to be found living in a city.

Frankfurt-people: are these any of your favorite restaurants?  Do you have any recommendations for me (and Sara)?

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