Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A few of my favorite things - cafés

One aspect of city life that I have appreciated since I first moved here are the cafés.  In our first apartment, we had 10 cafés within a 500yd radius - awesome!

Besides the atmosphere of the various cafés I visited (from cozy, reading-conducive to chic and sophisticated), I appreciate the service culture.  Waiters typically don't hover over your table, waiting for you to quickly finish, so they can have a free table.  You sit, order, enjoy and take your time.  When you're finished, then you can signal for the waiter that you'd like to pay.  No feeling like you're being watched to see when you leave.

What has I've also always found interesting is seeing people who have a regular place in the café: the man who reads his morning paper in the corner, the group of women who gather to chat by the window, the moms and babies who meet in a certain area.  Cafés definitely provide great people-watching opportunities.

So, here's a small list of my favorite cafés - if you're in Frankfurt, I hope you have the chance to visit one this week.
Café Kante, Source
Café Extra-blatt - two downtown locations, good for meeting up with larger groups of friends

Café Kante, Kant Straße 13 (Bornheim) - I love the atmosphere of this small café.  Lovely coffees and teas and great cake.  This fits into my imagined "European café."

Café Karin Where Igor and I met the graphic designer to design our wedding invitations - lots of good memories here:)  Also, this is an "adult" café where you can take the kids without too much stress.

Café Klatsch I love Café Klatsch's ecclectic atmosphere! They have great Indian-inspired food and a wide selection of teas.  My favorite spot: sitting in the boats outside in the summer.

Café Savannah My favorite café to go with the kids!  They have a super-friendly staff, great food and drink (even lukewarm hot chocolate in fun animal mugs for the kids) and two - yep, two! - rooms for the kids to play in.  The adults also have comfy seats and tables to sit in a bright, happy atmosphere while the kids play:)

Familien Betrieb Another family-friendly café in Bornheim.  Very cute style, with a boutique of handmade produkts.  Good food, plenty of room for larger groups and a play room for the kids.

Harvey's Upbeat, trendy, great brunches.  In warmer weather, this is a really nice place to meet friends with kids (in the winter I don't find being inside with the kids so relaxing).

Jenny's Cupcakes not a "café" so to speak but a nice atmosphere to eat delicious cupcakes!

Wacker's Kaffee I always go to the Bornheim café and love its atmosphere.  The coffee is roasted here in Frankfurt and the cake is always delicious.

Ypsilon Buchladen und Café I like this café for breakfast and love that it's connected with a book store - one of my ideas of a perfect winter morning is reading here:)

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