Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The German-American-Namibian Sewing Club

Last week I wrote about my start in sewing.  After sewing three blankets with my Pfaff machine, it was no longer sewing correctly, and I started sewing by hand in 2009.  Fast forward to February 2011 (yes, I am that lazy about some things!). A good friend was pregnant, and I wanted to host a baby shower for her. I became convinced that self-made buntings would be the perfect decoration. I ask another friend if I could come and use her sewing machine. While I sewed on her machine, she fixed mine (tightened the needle and thread tension...that simple!). 

The buntings were a hit; my ultra-creative friends Desi and Damaris (somehow inspired by me - what?!) decide we should meet regularly to sew. Since I was currently reading Alexander McCall Smith's popular lady detective series and because of our nationalities, the name for our group came naturally.

We started meeting bi-weekly in March 2011.  We each bring our sewing machines to Desi's - fortunately, she has a 3 plug extension cord.  After occupying her dining table, we sew, exchange ideas, praise one another's accomplishments, problem-solve, and simply enjoy spending time engaging our creativity in the company of friends.

This small group has enhanced my life in Frankfurt in many ways and for that, I am extremely thankful.

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