Thursday, February 16, 2012

Theology Thursday - Generosity

Bible study last night looked at Mark 10:17-27, which tells of the rich young man being disappointed when Jesus instructed him to sell all he possessed and follow Jesus.  It reminded me of the passage last week at another Bible study: Luke 12:13-21, the parable of the rich fool who thought only of using his riches for his own good.

Both of these passages reminded me of the focus on generosity in Jesus' ministry.  He did not sparingly give when he fed the crowd of 5,000.  Neither did he limit healing of people to the rich and educated Jews, but rather on several accounts, Jesus healed people outside the Jewish faith (for example, Luke 7 - the centurion's servant).

And this brings me back to my current struggle to give generously of myself to my children.  As I see in Jesus' example, he takes care of himself (Mark 1:35) but also gives generously.  Once again, I can find encouragement and strength in knowing that my Lord understands the balance needed in this life.  And I can once again be reminded, that he will daily bear my burdens (Psalm 68:19) and give me wisdom when I ask for it (James 1:5).

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