Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coffee Break

One of my favorite activities with the kids is going to Igor's work and visiting him for a coffee break.  This was really easy when he worked downtown.  Now we need to take a train a bit longer to his workplace (still in Frankfurt), but his current building has an indoor pond, so I guess it's worth the extra time on public transportation.

It's been really great for us to see where Igor spends so much of his time Monday - Friday.  And I love being able to let him know that his work is also interesting to us.
We have the chance to ask each other about our day, to tell about special events, to share our normal moments (without trying to eat supper or being tired from the whole day).

I usually have a hot chocolate.  The kids get a special treat (this day it was chocolate milk and a raisin bun).  Igor gets a coffee or gets to chase the kids (usually both).

There's lots of running, looking at the water and adding life, laughter and happiness to the bank.

                   I think it does us all good:)


  1. Wow, toller blog! Gefällt mir. Bin beeindruckt. :-)
    Bin schon gespannt, was noch so alles zu lesen gibt... :)
    Viele Grüße :)

  2. Danke, Damaris! Das ist ganz lieb von dir - ich freue mich, dass du diese kleine Blicke in meinem Welt ließt! Liebe Grüße!