Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just another tree...

 One of the things I have loved about our apartment in Frankfurt (besides the ease with which we can go downtown or walk to the grocery store or visit several parks), is the huge maple tree in our (small) backyard.
This summer, the kids and I spent a lot of time in our house's garden.  Although it's open to all the people in our house, we took advantage of it the most.  It was great: grilling, playing with outdoor toys, relaxing in the shade of the giant maple tree, taking refuge under its canopy during some crazy rain storms (not lightening storms, Mom!).  In the fall, that tree gives off thousands of leaves; perfect for leaf-pile-jumping - so fun!  We even enjoyed the tree from our balcony - the view from our bed was of the tree's leaves.

I felt so blessed to have this wonderful green view greet me each spring, summer, and fall morning.  Even though we live in a city, I still had a lovely view of a big tree.
Yesterday, I left the house with a big, beautiful maple tree in the backyard.  When I returned at noon, there was this:
 Amazing!  In just a few hours, several guys with chainsaws were able to take away such a beautiful piece of nature!  When I asked our house maintanence man why the tree was cut down, he didn't know.  But clearly no griping about why it was cut down will bring back this beauty.  He did say we at least got a table out of the tree.
I'm interested to see how the backyard develops this spring.  I am trying to keep an optimistic view on our being able to enjoy the garden this coming season.  Well, at least we have our other nature outlets (but none quite so close - just four flights of stairs below us:)

What's your favorite outdoor aspect of your apartment/house? (and I'll try to not be jealous of comments like "our pond" or "the mesa" :) )


  1. I know! It's really had me feeling a bit down today! I kind of feel like this whole city-living thing just is too strange a cup of tea for me...good thing the sun came out for an hour today!

  2. They chopped off a tree outside our apartment three years ago... but the city planted a new one and maybe in thirty odd years that one will be the joy of people looking out of our current apartment? Currently the best outdoor aspect of our apartment is a cherry blossom tree. For about two weeks in spring it is simply breathtaking!