Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kid Craft Project

I never dreamed I would write a title like that (unless, of course, it was a required part of a course).  I could write several paragraphs about how I always tried to avoid arts & crafts courses, opting for music, drama or sport classes.  My mom and sisters still laugh at the thought of me having a small sewing business and organizing creative markets and creative days (where people can come together to work on their current projects or come to learn new creative artforms/techniques).
Anyway, here is a short little activity that even I can get up enough energy/confidence to do with the kids (this time it was just Sissy):                   

Penny Art

Sissy recently discovered her piggy bank.  Igor and I regularly put our small change (1, 2, and 5 cent pieces) in this bank.  Since she and the boys have figured out how to open it, we are currently finding these pieces all over the house...but that's another story.

For this simple project, I simply used a penny as the center of the flower and drew with colored pencil the other details.  I let Sissy make this drawing of flowers on grass (I'm a big believer in actually letting kids make their own art; not directing their every move, so the end result is what I think would look best).

She's very pleased and so am I.  Short, sweet, successful:)

There are lots of other ways to use the pennies in pictures: to compose whole items (grass, waves, tree tops, etc.) or as part of a whole (in a house, space ship, etc.)  I'm sure your creativity will give you lots of fun ideas.

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