Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Sewing Story

It started as a whim. (Like most things in my life.)  In 2006, when Monkey was born, I decided I wanted to make him something.  I couldn't knit, crochet or scrapbook, but my mom had sewn several of my favorite childhood outfits (especially memorable are my "jams", which I think I wore daily the summer of  1989) and she had helped me sew napkins when I moved to Arizona after college.  With this experience behind me, I decided I'd try sewing a baby quilt.

My mom (not sure if I'd stick with this quilting idea) gave me a gift certificate to Verna's Fabric Store (love this store!), where I bought material, a rotary cutter, cutting mat and an easy baby-quilt book.  Super-supportive Igor bought me a Pfaff 1538 sewing machine and off I went.  I machine-pieced the top and finished with hand-quilting. 
Same process for Sissy and one other quilt in 2007. Nothing else sewn; the machine sat untouched for months.  At this time, I started going to an American woman's house for coffee and quilting (and chatting and praying).  I learned a lot about hand-sewing and friendship from the women in this group. 
When Bubba was born in 2009, I started my sewing procedure, only to find that my machine wasn't sewing properly.  Too lazy to take it to the sewing machine store, I pieced and quilted Bubba's quilt by hand. 

For now, my quilting is on hold (waiting for the next baby to help me complete another baby quilt).  I have started on a large summer quilt for our (Igor and myself) bed, but that's only this far:

note to self - next time, choose large squares!  I need 812 of these triangles to form the pinwheels.  At least I have my project to bring to Create! am Main on March 3!

I do look forward, however, to the time when I return to quilting on a more frequent basis. I loved having a sewing project that didn't require electricity. And I loved seeing the designs develop, both through the choice of fabrics and in the actual quilting.

It brings my heart joy, to see my handiwork being enjoyed by two of my most treasured people.

What's been your surprising life-activity (creative, athletic, intellectual) development in recent years?


  1. Hope you've gotten your Pfaff repaired. :) I was so hopeful that Verna's was a store in Frankfurt, but alas, not. Where do you get fabric here?
    Love your quilts! Want to get back into that myself.

  2. Hi, Susan! The Pfaff did finally get 2011! I wish Verna's store was here (she's a sweet Mennonite woman; so kind).
    At the Design am Main Kreativtag on March 3rd, the Quilt Cottage will be there (as a stand and also offering mini-courses). she has lovely fabric!

  3. Thanks for the tip - I'll have to plan a trip there some Tuesday!