Thursday, January 12, 2012

Theology Thursday

For many years now, I've loved writing down my thoughts and experiences in a normal journal.  I still try to maintain that practice, but have allowed other things in my life to take over journaling's once daily place in my life.
With this blog, I'm trying to assign some days of the week a certain purpose, so I can weekly visit a particular topic.  Hence, Thursday Theology.  For those of you who know me, this is a topic very important to me, but possibly not in the way in which you think.
Theology is the study of God and things divine.  For many people, this immediately conjurs up pictures of large tomes, monks, and reverance.  For me, theology is something I experience on a daily basis in different forms - intellectually, emotionally, practically.
One such practical experience is included on this chart - a daily doxology.

Although I haven't used the chart to its full purposes, just the mental image of the daily doxology has helped remind me of my joy found in praising God for the little (or big) unique things in my day.  It's actually difficult to limit it to just one...and I find it does my heart good to, at the end of the day, form one sentence from the various doxologies I've experienced throughout the day.

Here's my doxology from yesterday:
Praise God for comfortable visits from friends, laughter, the sunshine through the clouds, and friends gathering in our home to study the Bible.

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