Friday, January 27, 2012

Food Friday - Finger Food

How's that for alliteration?
Today, Monkey's kindergarten group (the Waldmäuse - wood mice) is having a night hike (4-7pm) with a picnic.  We're to bring finger food, so I'm preparing one of my favorite and simplest recipes:
Tortilla Rolls (makes about 100 bite-sized pieces)
8 Tortilla Rolls
300g/11oz Cream cheese (you can use flavored cream cheeses to add variety)
sliced ham or chicken

Spread a thin layer of cream cheese most of the tortilla, leaving just a small portion plain. Add 1-2 slices of meat. Roll, leave the non-cream cheese part as the bottom of the roll.  Cut into about 1/2 inch (2cm) slices.

Super easy and always a crowd pleaser:)

I sometimes add Feldsalat or rucola salad to the tortillas and leave out the meat in some, for those who don't eat meat.

Oh, and something extra special for this Friday:

Last night it snowed!!!!
Have a great weekend:)

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