Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello, Monday

Once again, saying Hello with Lisa Leonard.

Hello, starting the week with sick family members - I hope it doesn't affect our birthday celebration plans.

Hello, getting in a party mood - two (adult) birthday parties:)

Hello, needing to find a regular working (sewing) routine!

Hello, trying to appeciate each day as it comes - I just had a very special weekend with Sissy ("just girls, Mommy, no boys!").  Our time together and the time away from Igor and the boys reminds me how precious each day is (even on the days that need to be preciously short!)

What are you saying Hello to?


  1. Mary! It's Sara Rankin from Millersville. It's great to see pics of you and your sweet family and keep up with life on the autobahn. :)

  2. Thanks, sara! Did you and your family ever live in Germany?