Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good Morning, Sunshine

This has been the view outside greeting me the past few mornings:
No, this is not simply a picture of the not-so-pretty apartment buildings across the street.  Look at the lighting; look at the shadows; look at the sunlight!

Amazing!  Especially considering that typical light for Germany from November-March is this:

OK, even this picture has more light than what is felt when living here.  The idea/feeling is: cloudy, gray, dull.  (Although, to be more optimistic, I suppose I could appreciate the amazing diversity and change in the clouds...but I usually just notice the lack of sunshine.)

Amidst the many changes/contrasts I realized when I first moved to Frankfurt, the lack of sunshine was the most obvious.  I moved from Many Farms, Arizona (Navajo Reservation in the high desert) where we had cloudy, rainy days for maybe a week in August.  I easily became used to sunshine being a normal and generous part of my day.
Last year, I started cultivating the habit of commenting on sunny days and even sunny moments, especially in the winter months.  For some reason, when I mention something to other people, I remember it more clearly.  So, I can clearly remember that I have, at least once a week (usually 4-5 times a week!) since November, been commenting on the sunshine.

It might not be in our day for long, but it is here and we can be thankful for it.

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